We carry parts and supplies for the hobbyist for the maintenance and enjoyment of the Packard automobile. We have an extensive inventory of used post war Packard parts.

We have several trailer loads of used parts.  Please arrange to come and brouse.  The prices will be very low for any part you want, if you come and hunt for it.  You will not be sorry.

We also carry a product for Moth Prevention. The Product is "Sla" moth control. We have used it for several years now with great success. It has a cedar scent after it is applied. the scent fades quickly and it has a 6 month application life. No lingering odors! $8.00 per can, plus shipping.

We also carry Battery Tenders. I have used these for several years and increased the life dramatically on batteries
$45.00 for 6V, plus shipping
$45.00 for 12V, plus shipping

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The Packard Store
John Walker and Sons
1911 Rosanna Ave
Scranton, PA 18509